Being a true sceptic to all super natural things but being a person who must try everything at least once. I found myself drawn to give this ago, I'm not going to say my world has changed and I'm able to jump around like a toddler who has just discovered how to walk, but I will say I did find something from inside, which is hard to describe. A sense of calmness but also felt movement of energy in a rainbow of colours of goodness being poured in and darkness being drained away. I've been back and would recommend it to all, especially those sceptics.

Bobby B

Amit is not only an amazing healer, he is also an inspiring and truly wonderful person. Through our sessions I've been able to connect to my spiritual side which has help me have a deeper connection to the divine source of all life. This has helped me with anxiety problems I've had and allowed me to trust my intuition more. Thank you for putting me onto the right path Amit.


I gave Reiki a go as my son was saying how negative I was being due to my minor stroke. I have to say that I've experienced a sense of joy and positivity after the session, which was so relaxing. Having taken pills to put me to sleep every night for the last year or so I found after my first session that I fell asleep naturally and slept like a baby. Amazing, awesome, divine and WOW is the only way I can describe it.


I went to see Amit to see if he could help with the random panic attacks I get as I didn't have much joy via the NHS (but I think this was me being a little closed off about talking about it to my GP). He was very respectful not to place his hands on me as I did feel a little uncomfortable to begin with. After the session I felt normal and went about my day. It wasn't until a couple hours later that I felt extremely emotional and couldn't stop crying and didn't know why, but knew it was because of the Reiki (hard to explain how I knew). I phoned Amit as I didn't know what was going on and he very kindly in his soothing voice explained that we can sometimes suppress our emotions from last week to last year and going far back as childhood. The penny dropped and I've know started to see a councillor (along side seeing Amit) who is helping me with my issues.


Amit is one of my fellow Reiki healers and when he was starting out all those years ago together we passed healing to each other to fully understand the whole process. I always remember the first time he gave me Reiki, it was a cold winter's evening, and like must of us during this season I was feeling particularly low and my eczema on my back was playing up. The next day after the session, I was feeling really positive and started to see me eczema improve, and thought to myself WOW, if just in one session I could experience this I have to have more. Guess what, I did, and saw a huge improvement to my eczema (my doctor was also astounded). God bless you!


I'd been learning how to drive for a couple of months and found that before/during the lesson that I became very nervous. I know what your thinking, 'Very normal', but the nerves were not allowing me to actually progress to my test. I heard of Amit through a friend of mine and decided to give it a go as didn't have a lot of money to keep wasting on driving lessons (being a student). After a couple of sessions I found the inner peace in me help not only with my nerves during driving but also in my A levels coursework. I passed my test with a month and half after seeing Amit, thank you so much I don't think I could of done it without you.

Miss Cole, A Company

I have a string of businesses, which can lead to stresses that any person would face running their own business. Therefore I'm always looking at ways to improve my well being. I heard of Reiki through a customer of mine and looked for the nearest practitioner to me through the UK Reiki Federation website and found Amit. When I went to see him he was so easy to talk to through the consultation process and talked to me about what I wanted to achieve by having Reiki, so I went onto tell him of how I needed the strength and calmness to deal with personal and business issues (also a few aches I'd been suffering from over the last few years). After the session I felt very peaceful and full of energy and went about my business feeling good and able to tackle the world again. But the amazing part was that a couple of days later I found myself in a couple of situations that I would normally find difficult to deal with (due to my shy personality) and breezed through them very calmly. I also noticed the pains I had, had more less disappeared. It was like I went to see a genie who granted my wish!!

Mr Davidson