Our brain is responsible for everything we do. As our brains have a larger cerebral coretex (part of the brain that controls movement, thoughts and memory) than any other animal, this enables us to have abilities such as language, problem solving and self control.
It enables us to; move, think, learn, feel emotions, remember, dream, create, breathe, see, hear, feel and taste.
Like all parts of our body, the brain can benefit from exercise too. Puzzles and problem solving are great ways to exercise your brain to help it function and work more effectively.

Reiki can allow one to experience things, which they have long forgot; create new experiences, feel positive, reduce symptoms of headaches, vomiting, double vision, seizures, improve memory, become more independent, be able to control body parts that move uncontrollably, overcome fear and or confusion and much more.

The brain is split into two parts, the left side controls the right side of our body and the right controls the left side of our body. This is further split into four areas; frontal, parietal, temporal and occuiptal lobe. If any of these are damaged through physical or mental trauma, it can effect the following:

a) Communication
b) Sight and smell
c) Movement (navigating ones self)
d) Writing, speaking and understanding Speech
e) Hearing
f) Behaviour
g) Memory
h) Vision

Reiki can assist in repairing and strengthening the effected areas of the brain, which allow us to be fully functional. It can be carried out along side any medical treatment already in place.

Human Brain Disease List
The brain is the master organ in our bodies and is equally susceptible to any kind of infection and disorders such as the following:
a) Brain cancer/ Tumour
b) Alzheimer's Disease
c) Alcoholism
d) Amnesia
e) Autism
f) Epilepsy