Selecting a Reiki Practitioner

So how do you choose a good Reiki practitioner? As there are so many practitioners out there, choosing the right one is important for the overall effect of the treatment.

By following the below steps, you'll be able to find the best practitioner for you:

Selecting a Reiki Practitioner

1. Code of Ethics

They should belong to an accredited Reiki society or organisation, which will have a Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice that members have agreed to follow.

2. Telephone

The next step would be to call the Reiki Practitioner and ask them any questions about the treatments and what Reiki is about.

Selecting a Reiki Practitioner

3. History / Consultation

Do not neglect to ask them about how long they have been a practitioner and what is entailed in the treatments. A good practitioner will tell you that they carry out medical and lifestyle history before conducting any treatment. This part is extremely important as the practitioner may need to seek the GP's permission before treatments commence.

Selecting a Reiki Practitioner

4. Confidence

Do they sound professional, possess a high level of integrity, sound confident and knowledgeable about Reiki. Are they being open, honest and empathetic.

Selecting a Reiki Practitioner

5. Empower

After treatments have started the practitioner should start to show you how to empower yourself to aid the healing process.

Overall listen to the self and follow your intuition.