Unable to Control Your Anger?

Feelings of anger are usually accompanied by both physical and mental symptoms. You might feel your heart rate and breathing increase. You may feel feelings of frustration, stress, irritation, and rage. Your anger may also trigger anxiety and feel overwhelming at times, and afterwards you might be left with feelings of guilt.

Do you find yourself calm one moment and in the next, full of rage? If you feel unable to control your anger, it can cause problems in relationships and at work. It might also affect your quality of life

Things Don't Have to Stay This Way.

I've been where you are - and by practicing meditation and reiki, I have come through the other side of anger to a place of peace and forgiveness.


Hello, I'm Amit

I help my clients develop better habits when responding to anger so they can step back from provoking situations rather than staying engaged with them.

Using the same tools I have used to control my anger, we will work together to understand your trigger points, and learn meditation techniques which allow you to chose your emotions, rather than being controlled by anger.

You will learn how to accept help from others without being defensive, dis-associate from old ways of thinking, and adopt new habits that not only control your anger, but improve all areas of your life.

By incorporating reiki and spiritual healing into our sessions together we will be able to go deeper into the healing process and allow you to enjoy life on your terms.

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