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Finally break free from angry reactions
Discover inner calm and forgiveness
Improve your relationships at work and at home

Using the same tools I have used to control my anger, over six weeks we will work together to understand your trigger points, and learn meditation techniques which allow you to chose your emotions, rather than being controlled by anger.

  • Discover how to master your mind to create the life you want
  • Learn how to chose your reactions to create the emotions you wish to feel
  • Understand how to direct your energy towards calmer behaviours
  • Develop the skill of listening to improve your relationships
  • Leave behind destructive behaviours

Course Overview

The course is completely tailored around your specific trigger points and goals and in addition to our scheduled training sessions we will have weekly calls to keep you on track.

During our work together we will also incorporate reiki sessions. When reiki is administered it puts the mind and body into a relaxed state for several hours. This sets off our bodies natural ability to heal, and will allow you to work more positively in creating new habits.

Plus, we'll have an extra session together 4 weeks after completing the course to see how you're progressing, and formulate a plan for continuing to work on yourself. You'll automatically become a member of my client Facebook group - the perfect place to assist in your ongoing journey and get support from like-minded friends.

Don't Suffer Alone

Take control and rebuild your relationships. I've done it, so can you.

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